Peak physiotherapy

If an injury or pain is stopping you feeling your best,
our physiotherapy team can get you back on track.

We’ll help you reach your goals

We know how hard it is when pain prevents you from achieving your exercise routines or living your best life, by:

Using therapeutic strength and exercise programs to rehabilitate injury
Building strength to help prevent injury from recurring
Managing conditions that limit your activity or participation
Promoting mobility, being active and developing greater overall health and wellness

Why Peak physiotherapy?

At Peak, we believe conventional hands-on physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation go hand in hand to
heal injuries, prevent pain and get you feeling strong and healthy.

To restore your balance, stability and strength, we’ll design a tailored programme to target injury or
pain and get you back to your best.

We have many different services and special offers across the clinics, please call your local clinic for the price.

Physiotherapy can help

First, we listen to understand exactly what your needs are. We’re experienced and skilled in
achieving results with a wide range of pain and injuries, including:

Back, neck and shoulder pain

Breathing dysfunction

Repetitive strain injury

Knee and ankle injuries

Neurological problems

Pre/post surgery rehabilitation

Women’s health

Acute and chronic Injuries

Pre/post natal

Cancer rehabilitation

Ongoing lower back pain

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services

Manual therapy

Tried, tested and proven physiotherapy, including
joint mobilisation, massage, stretches, and manipulation

Exercise rehabilitation

Take advantage of Auckland’s leading Pilates instructors and
our studio’s state of the art equipment and apparatus to add a
new dimension to your recovery

Massage therapy

Expert hands-on treatment for soft-tissue injuries, aches and pains, posture improvement, myofascial release, sports & remedial massage and dry needling.

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