Jess Perez

Studio Manager – Botany

Senior Physiotherapist (PhD student)
Pilates Instructor


Jessica gravitated towards a career in physiotherapy due to her continuous dedication in wanting to help those with injuries and her passion for self-care, leading to a better quality of life.

This stemmed from a past where Jess struggled with her own physical alignments at a young age, showing her the importance of empowering people by creating a safe and supportive environment, allowing for true healing and growth to occur.

With a background in dance, Jess received her 200-hour yoga training among teaching Zumba, indoor cycling, and body sculpting.

Born and raised in Northern California, graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science and holistic health, Jess then decided to move to Aberdeen, Scotland where she completed her Master of Science degree in physiotherapy. Along with moving her life from California to New Zealand, she is currently completing her Doctoral degree in Physiotherapy.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys taking dance classes, going out and exploring the beautiful outdoors or playing music.


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