Natalie Hart

Senior Pilates instructor


Natalie’s passion for dance began when she was 5 years old. With over 23 years of dancing and performing, the importance of whole body health and injury prevention has been paramount to her success; with this focus, Natalie has always used Pilates to benefit and compliment her dancing, encouraging balance improvement, flexibility, technique, strength and overall body health.

With a desire to help others achieve the same benefits and more, through the way of Pilates Natalie began her comprehensive Polestar Pilates International training which she completed in 2018.

Her natural love for Pilates flows into her teaching, Natalie’s bubbly personality and encouraging approach creates an environment where clients will challenge and develop new skills to progress and achieve their goals.

Thrilled to be working with such an amazing team whom have the same passion for healing through the way of movement, Natalie looks forward to bringing her passion and expertise to all clients.

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