Rachael Wood

Pilates Instructor

Rachael is a local Saint Heliers mum. Since university, she has personally enjoyed the benefits of Pilates, finding the core activation beneficial and noticing the all over muscle lengthening and conditioning.

As a qualified Personal Trainer, with experience in private training and group fitness classes, Rachael joined the Peak team in September 2020.
After a decade in finance prior to having her daughter, fitness came as her second career.

With a natural passion and strong belief in the necessity of exercise, Rachael emphasizes that to live our best requires attention to our bodies, minds and souls. Training each, affording time to each, strengthens all.

With her friendly approach, Rachael brings fun and enjoyment to her and loves to see and hear about clients feeling the results. She uses her extensive fitness experience and personality to bring positivity to clients’ experiences, encouraging consistency to become stronger, more functional and healthier versions of themselves.

You will often see Rachael out and about, enjoying sports and exercise, supporting the arts and spending time with family or friends.

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