Rebecca Taylor

Senior Physiotherapist
Pilates Instructor
Certified Myofascial Release Therapist

Since registering as a Physiotherapist in 1995 from Otago University, Rebecca has worked in many areas: musculoskeletal, sports, orthopaedics, neurology, women’s health, children with special needs, arthritis, surgical, cardio, respiratory, acupuncture, wheelchairs, seating, and postural management. She has loved every job, the people she has met, and the skills she has learnt.

Rebecca’s current passion is to use myofascial release massage and Pilates-based rehabilitation to help others to feel better, stronger and to have more confidence in their bodies.

Grant and she live in Takapuna with their two nearly adult children and two dogs.

When not working, Rebecca enjoys walking, doing yoga, and being with family and friends.

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