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Monday: 8am – 8pm
Tuesday: 7am – 6.00pm
Wednesday: 7am – 7pm
Thursday: 7am – 7pm
Friday: 7am – 3pm
Saturday: By appointment only
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Next Generation Clubs

Level 2, 1 Tennis Lane,
Parnell, Auckland

Physio Parnell: Personalised Care for Pain Relief and Movement

Why visit our Physio clinic in Parnell?

Nestled within the airy and expansive Next Generation Parnell gym, our Physio clinic occupies a prime second-level space. This facility boasts state-of-the-art cardio, resistance, and functional training equipment, complemented by both indoor and outdoor heated 25m pools. Members can enjoy lap swimming and take advantage of the wet spa facilities, perfectly blending fitness with relaxation. The serene members’ lounge, licensed café, business zone, and the sun-drenched outdoor pool terrace offer varied havens for relaxation, socialisation, or work.

Perched above the ASB Tennis courts, our boutique Physio clinic also delivers a comprehensive range of Pilates classes, including group reformer classes spread across multiple levels to accommodate every skill level. Each Pilates class is designed specifically to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. Embrace a transformative journey towards enhanced health with our pilates services in Parnell

Discover our Auckland Physio services and find out how our personalised approach can enhance your wellness and accelerate your recovery.


Enjoy convenient parking at our Physio clinic in Parnell in the basement car park located at the end of Tennis Lane at Next Generation gym Parnell. Simply use the intercom to inform the Next Generation Parnell parking team at reception about your Physio appointment, and you’re welcome to park at any spot for up to 2 hours, free of charge. Our Physio clinic on level 2 is just a minute’s walk away via the car park stairwell. 

For alternative parking options, a Wilsons car park is available across the street, with applicable fees.


Embarking on Your Physio Journey with Peak Pilates & Physio in Parnell


Our dedicated physiotherapy journey at our Parnell Physio clinic, from initial assessment to full recovery, is meticulously crafted to offer you continuous support, tailored treatment, and successful results at every phase. The physio process at our Parnell clinic will look like the following:

Initial Physio Consultation

At Peak Pilates & Physio in Parnell, your path to optimal health begins with a thorough consultation. Our experienced physiotherapists will collaborate with you to understand your medical background, current health status, symptoms, and goals. This may include a detailed physical assessment to gauge your posture, mobility, strength, flexibility, and functionality. Based on these evaluations, we will provide you with a clear analysis and develop a customised treatment strategy specifically designed for your needs, incorporating the most beneficial exercises and techniques to address your condition.

Physio Mobility Assessment

Evaluate your physical capabilities and range of motion with your physiotherapist, to craft a precise mobility enhancement plan.

Pain Management

Work closely with your physio expert to implement effective strategies that manage and reduce your pain, focusing on long-term relief.

Education from your Physio

Gain invaluable insights from your physiotherapist about your condition and learn practical self-management techniques for optimal health.

Physio-Led Strength & Recovery

Under the guidance of your physio, perform targeted exercises designed to facilitate recovery and strengthen your body from within.

Progress Tracking with your Physio

Together with your physio, monitor and document your rehabilitation progress and improvements, celebrating every milestone towards full recovery.

Complete Physiotherapy Solutions at our Parnell clinic: Connecting Rehabilitation to Holistic Wellness

Discover our extensive array of physiotherapy services, each meticulously tailored to guide you on your path to achieving optimal health and recovery.

Exercise Rehabilitation: At our Parnell Physio clinic, our exercise rehabilitation programs are tailored to restore your strength and mobility, ensuring a faster recovery and long-term wellness.

Sports and Remedial Massage: Our Physio Parnell team specialises in sports and remedial massage, targeting specific injuries to alleviate pain and enhance performance.

Functional Movement Screening: Functional movement screening at our Parnell Physio clinic identifies imbalances and areas for improvement, guiding our bespoke physiotherapy plans.

Strength and Conditioning Coaching: Our strength and conditioning coaching at our Physio clinic in Parnell focuses on optimising physical performance and injury prevention through personalised training.

Physiotherapy: Our physiotherapy clinic in Parnell offers comprehensive physiotherapy services, utilising advanced techniques to treat a wide range of conditions and promote overall health.

Relaxation Massage: Experience ultimate relaxation and stress relief with our relaxation massage services at our Physio clinic in Parnell, promoting well-being and recovery.

Pediatrics: At Peak Pilates & Physio Parnell, our pediatrics physiotherapy services support the development and rehabilitation of young patients, ensuring they achieve their full potential.

Dry Needling: Dry needling at our Physio clinic in Parnell provides effective relief for muscle pain and stiffness, enhancing the healing process and improving function.

Post Operative Rehabilitation: Our post-operative rehabilitation programs are designed to speed up your recovery and restore optimal functionality after surgery.

Pain Management and Advice: At our Physio clinic in Parnell, we offer expert pain management and advice, employing evidence-based strategies to alleviate pain and improve quality of life.

Specialist Referrals: When specialised care is needed, our expert Physio team in Parnell provides timely specialist referrals, ensuring you receive the comprehensive support necessary for your recovery.

Explore our commitment to excellence at our Physio clinic in Parnell by learning about our Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy purpose and vision. Check out our Physio pricing, and read our wonderful client reviews. If you have more questions or need personalised care, feel free to contact Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy. We’re here to be your partner in health and wellness.