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* New clients only. First class must be an introductory class.

Pilates can help you feel fantastic

Build strength, flexibility and tone muscle.

Focused on developing a strong core, lengthening the body and aligning the spine,
Pilates can help increase fitness and accelerate recovery from injury.

Pilates connects your body and your mind

If you’re ready to feel fantastic, Pilates’ safe and low impact movements can transform your body and mind through:

Women Exercise Icon

Teaching body

Promoting good posture with easy graceful movement Icon

Promoting good posture with easy graceful

Improving flexibility Icon

Improving flexibility,
agility and economy
of motion

Toning and strengthening the body Icon

Toning and
the body

Addressing and alleviating neck and back pain Icon

Addressing and
alleviating neck and
back pain

Developing mind awareness techniques Icon

Developing mind
awareness techniques that can transform both the body and mind

Why Peak Pilates?

At Peak, our sole mission is to unlock your potential and
make you feel incredible.

We believe Pilates and physiotherapy go hand in hand – if you’re injured
or feeling pain, treating the cause and not the symptoms is crucial.

We know how to address your injuries and build your strength
to help you become pain-free.

Our Pilates Method

At Peak, we listen to your goals and any issues you’re experiencing, and design an
individual programme that’s right for you based on your personal circumstance.

All our classes and programmes are based on studies and scientific research to help
transform your body, mind and lifestyle.

We’ve developed our own world-class certified and accredited Pilates method based
on our deep understanding gained through years of teaching experience and research.
We recruit and train our team with the utmost care – they share our passion for guiding
our clients to achieve maximum results, tailored to your needs.

We have many different services and prices across the Studio’s, please call your local studio to get a price.

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