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Peak Physio Auckland: Your Path to Peak Performance


Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland is your go-to destination for physiotherapy and movement. We are movement revolutionaries, here to help you unleash your potential from the limitations of pain and rediscover the joy of moving with freedom and confidence. 

We’re passionate about helping you achieve your peak potential, whether recovering from an injury, seeking pain relief, or simply striving to move better and feel your best.


Looking for the best Physio clinic in Auckland? Here’s what sets us apart:


Expert Physiotherapy in Auckland:

Our experienced physios in Auckland create personalised treatment plans to address your specific needs, using a combination of manual therapy, exercise prescription, and other advanced techniques.

Physio & Pilates: A Synergistic Approach for Peak Movement:

We offer a variety of pilates classes in Auckland, from beginner-friendly mat classes to reformer pilates, designed to improve your core strength, flexibility, and overall movement patterns.

Fusion of Physio Pilates Expertise in Auckland:

Our unique approach combines the benefits of physiotherapy and pilates, providing a well-rounded program for optimal healing and rehabilitation.

Learn more about Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland. Explore our physio pricing. Read our positive physio client reviews at our Auckland clinics.


Auckland Physio clinic that provides tailored solutions to suit you:


At Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland, we understand that everyone’s journey to optimal health is unique. That’s why we take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a personalised program that fits your specific goals and lifestyle. Whether you need relief from a physical injury, are a fitness enthusiast or are a busy professional, we can help you get back to doing the things you love, pain-free.

Our physiotherapists in Auckland understand just how difficult life can be when an injury or pain stops you from living your life to the fullest. To restore your balance, stability and strength, we’ll work with you to design a tailored programme that fits your schedule and targets your injury so you can get back to feeling your best.

If you are looking for an ACC physio in Auckland, you have come to the right place. Peak Pilates & Physio clinics in Auckland are ACC Registered. Contact Peak Pilates & Physio for more information on ACC Physio claims and our physiotherapy services.

Find a Peak Physio clinic near you and start your journey to recovery today! For Physio clinics close to Auckland CBD, visit our modern clinics in Grey Lynn, St Heliers, St Johns, or Parnell. For Physio clinics in East Auckland, visit our Botany physio clinic. If you are looking for a Physio clinic on the north shore, visit our Silverdale Physio clinic.

Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland are dedicated to helping you live your best life through:

Peak Physio Auckland exercise icon Using targeted therapeutic strength and exercise programs to rehabilitate injury and restore function.
Icon showcasing muscles and building strength through Peak Physio Auckland exercises. Building strength to help assist in injury mobility, recovery and prevention.
Icon of man running and exercising after Physio Auckland rehab. Managing conditions that limit your ability to exercise or participate in everyday tasks.
Icon of women developing mobility and mind awareness at Pilates Physio Auckland class. Promoting mobility, being active, and developing greater overall health and wellness

The Peak Physio Auckland Process


From the initial consultation through to your recovery, our established physiotherapy approach at our physio clinics in Auckland are tailored to guide and support you at every stage, delivering personalised treatment and successful results.


Initial Physio Consultation

Seize the opportunity to engage in a detailed discussion with your Auckland physiotherapists, setting the stage for a tailored physiotherapy journey.

Physio Mobility Assessment

Evaluate your physical capabilities and range of motion with your physio in Auckland, to craft a precise mobility enhancement plan.

Pain Management

Work closely with your physio expert to implement effective strategies that manage and reduce your pain, focusing on long-term relief.

Education from your Physio

Gain invaluable insights from your physiotherapist about your condition and learn practical self-management techniques for optimal health.

Physio-Led Strength & Recovery

Under the guidance of your physio, perform targeted exercises designed to facilitate recovery and strengthen your body from within.

Progress Tracking with your Physio

Your Auckland physio will monitor and document your rehabilitation progress and improvements, celebrating every milestone towards full recovery.

Chronic Pain Disrupting Your Life? Find Relief at Peak Physio Auckland


Living with pain can be frustrating. Peak Physio Auckland is here to understand your unique situation and create a personalised path to recovery. Take control of your well-being. Schedule your appointment at a Peak Physio Auckland clinic today and experience a pain-free tomorrow.

At Peak Pilates & Physio studios in Auckland, we provide a unique blend of physiotherapy and Pilates services designed to help you achieve your peak potential, no matter your age or fitness level. 

Find your closest Auckland physio clinic.


Icon of back, neck and shoulder pain being relieved by Peak Physio Auckland services.

Targeted physiotherapy in Auckland that tackles back, neck and shoulder pain.

Icon of repetitive strain injury being relieved by Physio Auckland services.

Conquer repetitive strain with Physiotherapy.

Breathing dysfunction being relieved by Peak Physio Auckland services.

Manage breathing dysfunction using the power of physiotherapy.

Icon of knee and ankle injuries being relieved by Physio Auckland services.

Combat knee and ankle injuries with targeted Physio treatments at Peak.

Icon of neurological problems being relieved by Physio Auckland services.

Tailored solutions to address a range of neurological challenges.

Icon of pre/post surgery rehabilitation at Peak Physio Auckland clinics.

Pre/post-surgery rehabilitation with Peak Physio in Auckland allows you to recover with confidence.

Icons of health and wellbeing being catered for at Peak Physio Auckland clinics.

Supportive Physiotherapy for women's health.

Icon of acute and chronic Injuries being relieved at Peak Physio Auckland clinics.

Our Physio clinics in Auckland cater for acute & chronic injuries, allowing you to live an active life.

Icon of support provided to pre/post natal women at Peak Physio Auckland clinics.

Visit Peak Physio clinics in Auckland for pre and postnatal care.

Icon of Peak Physio Auckland clinics supporting cancer rehabilitation.

We are your partner in recovery during your cancer rehabilitation.

Icon of ongoing lower back pain being relieved by Physio Auckland clinics at Peak Physio.

Find lasting relief for ongoing lower back pain through our customised and targeted Physio sessions in Auckland.

Icon of pelvic floor physiotherapy at Peak Physio clinics in Auckland.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? Our physios in Auckland offer expert care.

Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland Services

Auckland Physiotherapy with Manual Therapy Techniques:


Manual therapy isn’t just about pain relief. It’s a powerful tool to help you move with greater ease, confidence, and control.


Our experienced physiotherapists utilise a variety of manual therapy techniques, specifically tailored to your needs. Here’s how manual therapy at Peak can benefit you:


  • Chronic Pain Relief: Manual therapy techniques address the root cause of pain, not just the symptoms, offering long-lasting relief for chronic conditions.


  • Enhanced Rehabilitation: Whether you’re recovering from an acute injury or a more severe one, manual therapy can significantly improve your healing process. Improving joint mobility, reducing muscle tension, and promoting faster tissue repair helps you regain strength and function more efficiently.


  • Targeted Treatment: Our therapists are experts in delivering a range of manual techniques, including joint mobilisation, therapeutic stretches, and specialised manipulations. Through a comprehensive assessment, we create a personalised treatment plan designed to address your specific needs and goals.


Experience the difference manual therapy can make in your recovery journey. Contact Peak Physio Auckland today and unlock your full potential for movement.

Physiotherapy that Helps you Move Stronger with Personalised Exercise Rehabilitation:


Exercise rehabilitation is more than just getting back to moving. It’s about regaining strength, improving flexibility, and preventing future injuries. At Peak Physio Auckland clinics, we go beyond generic exercises. We create personalised exercise rehabilitation programs tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Here’s how our personalised approach to exercise rehabilitation benefits you:


  • Targeted Recovery: Our physiotherapists assess your condition and design a program that focuses on the muscle groups and movements most critical to your healing process.


  • Improved Strength & Endurance: Our programs gradually build strength and endurance, helping you regain confidence and control in your movements.


  • Enhanced Flexibility & Range of Motion: Exercise rehabilitation improves your flexibility and range of motion, allowing you to move with greater ease and reduce the risk of future injuries.


  • Pilates for Rehabilitation: We integrate the benefits of Pilates into your rehabilitation program. Pilates exercises are known to enhance core strength, stability, and body awareness, leading to a more efficient recovery journey.


Our team of highly qualified physiotherapists and experienced pilates instructors work together to ensure you receive a comprehensive and effective rehabilitation program. With state-of-the-art equipment and a supportive environment, Peak Physio clinics in Auckland help you move stronger and get back to doing the activities you love.


Physiotherapy that Feels Good: Enhance Your Recovery with Massage Therapy:


At Peak physio clinics, we believe in a holistic approach to healing. Massage therapy is a vital part of our treatment plans, offering a range of benefits that go beyond just pain relief:


  • Enhanced Recovery: Massage therapy helps reduce muscle tension and inflammation, promoting faster healing and tissue repair. This can significantly improve your recovery journey, especially when combined with other physiotherapy treatments.


  • Effective Pain Management: Our massage therapists use various techniques, including myofascial release, sports massage, and dry needling, to target specific areas of pain and discomfort, providing relief and improving your overall well-being.


  • Improved Posture: Massage therapy can help improve your posture by addressing muscle imbalances and tightness. This not only reduces pain but also enhances your body mechanics and prevents future injuries.


  • Increased Relaxation: The therapeutic touch of massage can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and improving your overall sense of well-being.


With a variety of massage techniques, our Peak physiotherapists in Auckland create a personalised experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and ready to recover.

How much does physiotherapy cost in New Zealand?

The cost of physiotherapy can vary across clinics in New Zealand. At Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland, our physio treatment plans offer different pricing options. For instance, the cost of an ACC co-payment physio appointment starts from $50.00. For detailed pricing and enquiries about our physio sessions, please contact Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland. We have 6 Physio Auckland clinics strategically located to ensure convenience and accessibility for you.

Is physio free on ACC in NZ or is there a cost for ACC Physio?

At Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland, physiotherapy under ACC involves a co-payment. Our Physio sessions in Auckland are designed to thoroughly address the underlying causes of your injury and guide you through effective rehabilitation exercises within our practice. For specific information on physio costs and payment options, please contact our Auckland Physio clinics. Learn more about the Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland experience.

How much is a 30-minute physio session?

At Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland, our 30-minute ACC co-payment physio appointments start from $50.00. For more details on pricing or to discuss our physiotherapy services, please contact our friendly Auckland Physio team.

Do I need to go to a GP for physio?

In New Zealand, you can go straight to a physiotherapist without needing a referral from your GP. Our physiotherapists at Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland are skilled at assessing and treating muscle and joint problems on their own. However, it’s a good idea to consult your GP if you have specific health concerns and need medical advice. Feel free to reach out to Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland if you have any questions about your physio condition or treatment options.

Can I go straight to a physio?

Yes, you can directly visit a Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland without a referral. Our experienced team of physiotherapists specialises in assessing and managing a range of muscle and joint problems. If you have questions about your condition or treatment options, feel free to contact Physio Auckland for guidance.

Do I need ACC cover before coming to see a Physio?

No, you do not need ACC cover before your visit to Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland. We can assist you in initiating an injury claim with ACC to cover the costs of your physiotherapy treatment. Contact Peak Pilates & Physio for any specific questions you might have regarding your ACC physio cover.

How many physio appointments can I get on ACC?

The number of physiotherapy appointments covered by ACC can vary based on individual circumstances, such as previous treatment under the same claim and the status of your ACC claim. For personalised information regarding your ACC coverage, please get in touch with Peak Pilates & Physio Auckland for further assistance and questions you might have regarding your ACC physio appointments in Auckland.