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Monday: 7am – 8pm
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318 Ti Rakau Burswood, Auckland
New Zealand

Physio Botany: Guiding You to Optimal Wellness!

Why visit our Physio clinic in Botany?

Situated in East Auckland, our Botany Physio clinic is conveniently located near the Botany Town Centre, next to The Doctors Ti Rakau Medical Centre. Step into a welcoming environment where our friendly, professional staff are committed to making you feel at ease from the moment you arrive.
Come and get to know our Physio team in Botany, who are eager to assist you in feeling your best and achieving peak performance.

Discover our Auckland Physio services and see how our customised approach to physiotherapy can improve your well-being and fast-track your rehabilitation.
At Peak Pilates & Physio Botany, we also take pride in our wide range of Pilates classes, including reformer pilates and mat classes among others, each one sculpting a path to improved strength, flexibility, and balance. Discover Pilates in Botany and begin your transformative adventure to elevate your fitness routine.

Parking at Peak Pilates & Physio Botany

At our Physio clinic in Botany, we provide onsite parking for your convenience, including directly accessible front spaces and covered parking available at the rear.

Embarking on Your Physio Pathway at Peak Pilates & Physio Botany

From the initial consultation through to your recovery, our established physiotherapy approach at our Botany clinic is tailored to guide and support you at every stage, delivering personalised treatment and successful results.

Initial Physio Consultation

Seize the opportunity to engage in a detailed discussion with your Botany physiotherapist, setting the stage for a tailored physiotherapy journey.

Physio Mobility Assessment

Evaluate your physical capabilities and range of motion with your Botany physiotherapist, to craft a precise mobility enhancement plan.

Pain Management

Work closely with your physio expert to implement effective strategies that manage and reduce your pain, focusing on long-term relief.

Education from your Physio

Gain invaluable insights from your physiotherapist about your condition and learn practical self-management techniques for optimal health.

Physio-Led Strength & Recovery

Under the guidance of your physio, perform targeted exercises designed to facilitate recovery and strengthen your body from within.

Progress Tracking with your Physio

Together with your physio, monitor and document your rehabilitation progress and improvements, celebrating every milestone towards full recovery.

Full-Spectrum Botany Physio Solutions: Bridging Rehabilitation and Wellness


Explore our wide range of physiotherapy solutions, each carefully designed to assist you in reaching your ultimate health and rehabilitation goals.

Women’s Health

Expertise in women’s health by our physiotherapists in Botany ensures personalised care for female-specific conditions.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Tailored exercise rehabilitation programs in Botany, designed by skilled physios to restore your strength and mobility.


In Botany, our physiotherapy services offer comprehensive care, focusing on your holistic recovery and wellness.

Relaxation Massage

Experience soothing relaxation massages from our Botany physio team, perfect for stress relief and muscle recovery.

Oncology Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists in Botany specialise in oncology physiotherapy, providing gentle, supportive care for cancer patients.


Pediatric physiotherapy in Botany focuses on nurturing young bodies, ensuring children reach their developmental milestones.

PINC & STEEL Pilates

Join our PINC & STEEL Pilates in Botany, to support cancer survivors in their recovery journey.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Post-operative rehabilitation by our Botany physio experts aids swift, effective recovery after surgery.

Pain Management and Advice

Receive expert pain management advice and treatment from our Botany physio team, tailored to your unique needs.

Specialist Referrals

If specialised care is needed, our physiotherapists in Botany can connect you with the best specialists for your condition.

Explore our commitment to excellence at our Physio clinic in Botany by learning about our Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy purpose and vision. Check out our Physio pricing, and read our wonderful client reviews. If you have more questions or need personalised care, feel free to contact Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy. We’re here to be your partner in health and wellness.