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you in mind

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Physiotherapy to get you on
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If you’re coping with an injury or want to get lean
and strong, our expert team can recommend and
design a programme tailored to suit you.


From physiotherapy to Pilates,
we can help you at every stage.

Tailoring our approach
to your needs

Our expert team listens first to understand your concerns and goals,
then designs a programme to get you feeling stronger, fitter and fantastic.


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Our passionate and experienced physiotherapists and
Pilates instructors can address your injuries and
health and fitness goals to help you unlock your Peak potential.


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Our services

Rehabilitate injuries with manual 
therapy, exercise rehab, dry needling, sport/myofascial massage and clinical/conditioning Pilates.

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Unlock your potential with mat, reformer,
spinlates, stretch, tower or combo classes.
Choose a group, private or online
class to suit you.

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