Pilates Instructor

Dry Needling/Acupuncture

After graduating with a BHSc in Physiotherapy from Auckland University of Technology, Joanna gained valuable clinical experience in a range of settings. This involved time spent at a musculoskeletal private practice and with their affiliated school and sports teams, the acute neurological ward, and the older people acute care and rehabilitation ward at Middlemore Hospital.

Joanna strives to carry out patient centered care that focuses on collaborating to achieve patient specific goals. She believes the optimal treatment is to combine hands-on physiotherapy with exercise therapy and Pilates. Her main areas of interest include acupuncture and neurological rehabilitation.

Fluent in Mandarin and English, Joanna also has a limited working proficiency level of Taiwanese and Korean.

Outside of work, Joanna enjoys keeping active by going on bush walks with family and friends, loves painting and learning new languages.


Joanna畢業於AUT奧克蘭理工大學, 物理治療師學士學位。
她在學習各種領域中, 獲得了很多豐富的臨床經驗:包括在私人診所專治肌肉骨骼傷痛;
學校和各球隊運動傷害治療; Middlemore醫院的急性中風復健; 老年人緊急護理。
Joanna視患者的健康為她的神聖使命。她認為最佳的治療方法是物理治療和普拉提相結合。 她的主要興趣領域包括針灸和神經康復。
在工作之餘, Joanna平常會拉大提琴, 假日喜歡與家人和朋友一起健走。也興趣繪畫和學習新語言。