Senior Pilates Instructor

My curiosity for Pilates started when I was working as a Physiotherapist back in Brazil in 2008. I wanted to do more than just treating my patients and send them home after their appointment, I wanted to make my clients understand the importance of committing to their own physical rehab therapy, the importance of following a conditioning program so the chances of getting themselves injured again would drop considerably. I wanted them to be pain free, happy and confident on their bodies again. So the search for a conditioning program that would include everything I was looking for, such as strengthening, stretching, balance and fascial movement led me to Pilates in 2011 when I decided to undertake complete Pilates certification in Brazil. The same year I started to apply the methodology in my patients’ routine of treatment and noticed significantly results on enhancing spinal stability, muscular flexibility, balance control amongst others benefits. So Pilates became my passion for all these reasons and for the way my own body changed with it.
I also love travelling so I came to New Zealand in 2015 and I fell in love with this beautiful country, its landscapes and welcoming people. I was fortunate enough to keep working on my field and decided to do a Stott Pilates and Stability Plus Pilates certification in New Zealand. I really love working with Pilates and I hope my clients enjoy the classes as much as I do!