Pilates Instructor

Louise Liu came from mainland China to New Zealand for University Studies, Speaks fluent mandarin and English. In her first year of health science, she was inspired by the school of Physiotherapy motto ‘Physiotherapy keeps a body moving’. She started to learn physio and got her bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from University of Otago.

She has had previous Physiotherapy related clinical experience and skills in orthopaedic area in both private clinics and hospital settings, post-surgery rehab on a general surgery ward and neurological rehabilitation.

She would like to direct her efforts towards the usage of combining exercise rehab with manual therapy, to help people get back to their daily lives and increase their quality of life. She also has interest in dry needling and acupuncture as well as Mackenzie’s approach.

Apart from Physiotherapy, Louise is also interested in Chinese history and archaeology, Photography as well as travelling around is also where her passion is.


Louise Liu从中国来到新西兰读大学,能说一口流利的普通话和英语。在读健康科学读第一年时,她受到物理治疗学院标语“物理治疗—让身体保持运动能力”的触动,决定开始学习物理治疗,后获得奥塔哥大学物理治疗学士学位。