Pilates Instructor

Niamh is a Chartered Physiotherapist and trained Pilates Instructor from the Republic of Ireland. She graduated with an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Limerick in Ireland. Whilst training to become a Physiotherapist, she gained a wide variety of skills and knowledge from working in both the private and public settings throughout Ireland. Through her four years of training she also gained excellent experience in areas of respiratory, neuro and orthopaedics physio. 

Niamh’s passion for physiotherapy stems from her desire to help people achieve the best quality of life possible. Niamh has a keen interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Biomechanics and getting each individual to reach their full ability. Using a combination of manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and conditioning Pilates she enjoys helping people to prevent, manage and rehabilitate a range of injuries. Niamh believes in using a holistic approach to ensure patients optimise their quality of life and reduce their pain.

When Niamh is not working she enjoys keeping active by going to the gym, attending exercise classes, going on hikes and going for swims as well as engaging in self-development through mindfulness meditations.