Senior Physiotherapist
Pilates Instructor
Oncology Physiotherapist (PINC & STEEL)
Lymphoedema Therapist
Life Coach
Post Graduate – Sport & Exercise Science
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer

Rachael has had her own challenges with illness and injuries. From these life experiences, she has learnt the importance of health in order to think clearly without pain and to comfortably move both in daily life and in work and sport. She believes health is so important and therefore she is passionate about providing top quality and caring Physiotherapy services to assist others in their health journey. Rachael has both the qualifications and the experience to problem solve and creates an action plan to get the results you are after.

Rachael has a passion to support clients with complex medical needs. She is a PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist which allows her to provide evidence-based physiotherapy to men and women affected by Cancer. As a lymphoedema therapist she sees clients with cancer related lymphoedema as well as clients who have a primary diagnosis of lymphoedema. She also assesses clients who have an increased risk of lymphoedema following cancer treatments or following surgery.

With her background of public hospital-based physiotherapy as well as experience in rest homes and private hospitals, she has the skills and experience to work with clients with numerous medical or physical complaints including though not limited to areas such as multiple injuries, long-standing injuries, reduced mobility, history of falls, osteoarthritis and generalised muscular weakness.

Through Rachael’s learned experience with injury and illness, she understands the power of the connection between the body and the mind. Her training and skills in Life Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) can assist with the interruptions, changes in directions, and other such challenges that injury and illness can cause in your life. Her training in the Bodylight method of Pilates, Qi Gong, and Yoga can further support calming and focussing the body and mind to support overall wellness, relaxation, and pain reduction.

Rachael believes whatever your aim is with seeking Physiotherapy, whether you want to climb stairs or climb a mountain, return to work, or to your chosen sport, Rachael will listen to you, and together you will strive towards your aims.